SFU MPS Network Printer Addition Process

  1. SFU End-user decides to add a printer to Konica Minolta Service Agreement
  2. SFU End-user fills out a Printer Enrollment Form from the MPS website
  3. SFU End-user sends the form to Document Solutions
  4. Document Solutions confirms the eligibility of the device.
  5. Document Solutions sends the completed Printer Enrollment Form to Konica Minolta
  6. Konica Minolta emails the printer enrollment form to MPS Network Team (mps-network(at)sfu.ca) to request a new IP based on OPS number
  7. The MPS Network Team  emails the IP address to Konica Minolta, Document Solutions and IT contact for the end user.
  8.  Konica Minolta arranges to inspect device with the site IT contact, inspects the device, collects a page count, assigns status (Hardware, Toner Only, or Not Accepted) and fills in the Asset Acceptance Form.  If the device is rejected, the KM person notifies DocSol and the MPS Network Team (mps-network@sfu.ca)
  9. Konica Minolta adds an OPS Sticker to device and gives the IP Address (from step 7 above) to the IT site contact
  10. The IT site contact changes the machine's IP address (if required), and confirms that users can still print
  11. KM confirms via an internal process that the SNMP server sfu-km.its.sfu.ca can contact and monitor the device. 
    • If not mps-network@sfu.ca and the site IT contact need to be notified.
  12. Konica Minolta completes the Asset Acceptance Form and Printer Enrollment Form and sends to Document Solutions
  13. Document Solutions sets up billing with Accounts Payable and updates the MPS device inventory database.
  14. Konica Minolta bills for click charges, and Document Solutions checks accuracy.

The printer is now under contract.  KM delivers toner and service as needed, usually automatically when the device reports a need.  An end user can request service by contacting Konica Minolta.


  1. The MPS project may discontinue free service for unreliable or worn out printers, but toner will continue to be provided.  However, at this point, the department really should consider a new device.
  2. The printer can be removed from the service contract at the end user's discretion although the MPS project may require repayment to KM for any recent supplies or service.
  3. The end user department retains ownership of the printer.