MFD Optimization

Once the Konica Minolta fleet is in service, our goal is to maximize its use by redirecting as much printing to it as possible.  The cost per page of this contract is less than the consumables for most if not all of our printers. 

We may also need to juggle a few MFDs if there are models that are seriously over or underutilized.  Departments will be encouraged to seek ways to share devices with multiple users.

Color MFDs and new MFD requests:

Existing color Toshiba MFDs will be replaced with color Konica Minolta MFDs.  An additional small number of color devices are available for distribution.  Preference will be given to departments that have arranged to make the color device available to a large number of users both internal and external to the department.   An example might be the academic units sharing a building making arrangements to also share their MFDs during business hours.

From time to time there is a need for additional devices as new business units are formed or space is re-organized.  As long as SFU’s overall MFD fleet is well utilized, there is no charge for additional machines.  Units requesting additional machines will be making a commitment to cover the cost of the machine if their volume is not sufficient.