Client Installs

Papercut offers a variety of installation options for the required software component.  

Client software is downloadable from the FAQ.

Key points:

  • The (very lightweight) client must be installed on a machine to use a print queue controlled by Papercut.
    • failure to do so will result in "stalled" jobs clogging the queue
  • The client can be configured to autostart upon login for all platforms.
  • The client can be user configured to remember the credentials for variable lengths of time, including forever.
    • "Forever" is clearly a convenient option but should obviously only be deployed on a true single user machine
      • "Forever" is done securely.  The user's password is not stored anywhere; instead a "cookie" is generated.
    • "Until logout" is a more appropriate choice for most users, assuming the users actually log out
  • There are many command line configuration options, if that's the chosen deployment method
  • The Papercut product is a very mature package.  While it is certainly possible that an upgrade of the core server product would also require an upgrade of the client portion, this is not likely.  (No promises of course, but best guess suggests this is work to be done once only)
  • The credentials required are Campus Active Directory ID and password.  For almost everyone, these are the same credentials as are used for email, SFU-Secure and so on.
    • The machines themselves do not have to be part of Active Directory

Dining Hall Printer - FYI

A Konica Minolta MFD has been set up in the Dining Hall of the student Residence building, for (exclusive) use by students in residence. 

Installation and support information for Dining Hall printing is available on the FAQ.