The MPS team will be contacting all departments at SFU and inviting them to a "workshop" to discuss the printers in their department.

The full process is outside the scope of this document, but briefly, the workshop includes a review of the department’s printing, a suggested reconciliation of printers (added, removed, rearranged, redeployed) and upon agreement by the department, management of the devices by Konica Minolta.

Assuming nothing too unexpected or untowards, within  a month KM will begin to look after the printers included in the agreement, and the cost for this will be reflected on the monthly printing charge from Finance.

The departmental budget authority (typically the DA) needs to complete the web form at ....  There are basically five pieces of information required

  • the department, of course
  • the person or persons financially responsible for printing costs within the department.
  • the person or persons who should receive monthly statements
  • a maillist containing the staff and faculty users in the department (the unrestricted users)
  • the person or persons providing tech support

The above form will be manually approved, with appropriate due diligence performed.  Upon approval, the departmental support person needs to create print queues on the ITServices server(s).  This process is greatly eased by the fact that filling in another simple web form is all that's required.

Note that accounting will not initially be turned on during the transition period, but the queues will be visible, so the list of department users will be used as an ACE to prevent deliberate or accidental use of the department’s printers.

Include (for each printer) a maillist or Active Directory group of who should manage the print queue.  Note that “manage” usually means deleting “stuck” jobs.

Migrate all users to printing using the print queues and at the same time, install/copy the client software.

Direct IP printing will no longer be available!

This is in general a good thing.  When multiple users share a printer, a central queue to act as a “traffic cop” is the only sane way to do things.

More detailed installation instructions are here.

Once all users are ready, the “switch will be flipped”.

The existing printers will have their firewalls enabled to only talk to the print and management servers.  (This is a joint task between ITS and the local departmental support person.)

  • Papercut will be configured to “charge” people.
  • The unrestricted users will be activated on all printers, departmental and otherwise.
  • The restricted users will be activated for departmental printers only.