Phase-out of Toshiba Copiers

Plans are being developed to replace the current Toshiba copiers with the new devices.  This should take place over the fall of 2011. 

Initially, the Toshibas will be replaced with a similar capacity Konica Minolta. There will be an ongoing process to optimize our utilization of the devices, so under- and over-utilized machines may be swapped in future.  As the Toshiba devices are removed from service, SFU has an obligation to ensure that the internal hard drives, which keep an image of recent copy/print jobs, are properly scrubbed. 

When your MFDs are installed, we will need you to provide nearby secure storage for a few days for the Toshiba device. 

User training for your staff is available from Konica Minolta. See the MFD Training page for more details.