Document Scanning

All the Konica Minolts MFDs are also document scanners and there is no additional cost for using these features.  Scanning documents so they can be stored and circulated electronically can be a huge benefit to work flow and to the environment. 

Tips and Tricks for document scanning:

Scan PDF to email:  This is by far the most popular scanning method, a PDF of the document is delivered to you via email.  SFU does have an email attachment size limit of 25MB, which may be a problem for multi page color documents.  If you have your scanner set to default to 'compact PDF' the scanned files will be 1/10th the size.  The scanned images dol loose some resolution, but many people have found the combination of Compact PDF and 400 DPI to be a winning combination.  Konica Minolta can assist in making this change.

Scan to a file share:  For larger documents or large volumes of documents, you may want to have your support staff configure the MFD to scan to a location on a department file server.

Although the above two options both require a network connected MFD, all the MFDs can also Scan to USB Memory.  Contact your support staff for details.   We also encourage all departments to connect their MFDs to the campus network so they can take full advantage of the capabilities and the services provided by Konica Minolta.

Document Solutions also offers a scanning service if you have large volumes of documents to scan.  Contact Document Solutions for details.