Become a member

Join a network of passionate researchers and scientists conducting cutting-edge research, training and community engagement. 

Who can join

  • Individuals with past or planned contributions to the fields of neuroscience and/or neurotechnology including, but not limited to, research
  • SFU faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are eligible to become members 
  • Professionals, clinicians and researchers from universities and organizations outside of SFU are eligible to become affiliate members

Membership privileges

Members and affiliate members of the INN are eligible to:

  • Be involved in collaborative activities, including team grants and faculty retreats;
  • Get technical support for data analytics, neuroinformatics and computational modelling; and
  • Access support to identify paths to clinical and commercial translation.

In addition, members of the INN are eligible to:

  • Apply for pilot grants and fellowships (starting 2023); and
  • Vote to ratify the Director(s) and Steering Committee appointments, governance and other substantive matters of the INN.

Membership Requirements, Terms, and Evaluation

Members and affiliate members must engage with the INN in at least one of the following: research, education, service, activities, or funding. Affiliate membership may not be used for commercial or marketing purposes, unless explicit written permission is granted by the Executive Committee.

Membership is normally a 5-year term, while affiliate membership is a 3-year term.


Both types of memberships are renewable, with renewals approved by the Director. Renewal applications are evaluated based on past contributions to, or engagement with, the INN. Any membership may be revoked by the Executive Committee, in consultation with the Steering Committee, if a member or affiliate member's conduct is not in keeping with INN goals or SFU policies. For members, continued membership requires an active SFU affiliation.

Membership Application Requirements

To become a member, applicants are asked to submit:

  • a half-page letter outlining their interest in, and contributions to, neuroscience and/or neurotechnology;
  • a CV (abbreviated preferred); and
  • five keywords that describe their field of work/interest

Submissions may be emailed to Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, and later presented to the Steering Committee as a summary update.