At SFU, neuroscience and neuroscience-related faculty belong to a range of Departments and Schools:


Biological Sciences

Harald Hutter

Developmental neurobiology

Gordon Rintoul

Cellular neurophysiology

Michael Silverman

Cellular neuroscience


Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Dylan Cooke

Neuroplasticity and individual variation

Sam Doesburg

Neuroimaging of typical and atypical brain oscillations and networks

Max Donelan


Andy Hoffer

Neural prostheses

Charles Krieger

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Dan Marigold

Sensorimotor neuroscience

Damon Poburko

Vascular and synaptic physiology

Peter Ruben

Molecular physiology


Computing Science

Ghassan Hamarneh

Medical imaging                                                              


Engineering Science

Faisal Beg

Medical imaging

Teresa Cheung


Ryan D'Arcy


Marinko Sarunic

Biomedical optics



John Alderete
Nancy Hedberg
Yue Wang
Henry Yeung


Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Faranak Farzan

Mental health and addiction

Carlo Menon

Biorobotics and biomedical wearable technology

Carolyn Sparrey

Prevention and management of neurospine injuries and disease


Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Nancy Hawkins

Development genetics

Michel Leroux

Cytoskeleton and sensory cilia in health and disease



Kathleen Akins




Vincent Di Lollo

Cognitive neuroscience; perception and attention

Brianne Kent

Learning and memory, sleep, circadian rhythms, Alzheimer's disease

John McDonald

Attention and perception

Ralph Mistlberger

Sleep and circadian rhythms

Urs Ribary

Cognitive neuroscience of brain imaging

Tom Spalek

Cognitive neuroscience; perception and attention

Allen Thornton

Clinical neuropsychology

Neil Watson



School of Interactive Arts and Technology              

Alissa Antle

Interactive technology

Steve DiPaola

Cognitive, character, and expression based AI, interaction, and computer graphics

Diane Gromala

Computational technologies for transforming pain

Sylvain Moreno

Interactive media and neuroscience; aging

Bernhard Riecke

Human multi-model spatial cognition, orientation, updating, and navigation


Statistics and Actuarial Science

Lloyd Elliott

Computational neuroscience and genetics


Faculty of Health Sciences

Frank Lee

Molecular neurobiology, dopamine signalling
Nadine Proven├žal