Spring 2023 - HSCI 483 D200

Senior Seminar in Environmental Health (3)

Class Number: 5662

Delivery Method: Blended


  • Course Times + Location:

    We 2:30 PM – 5:20 PM
    BLU 11401, Burnaby

  • Prerequisites:

    90 units, including HSCI 204 and HSCI 230 (or 330), with a minimum grade of C-.



An in-depth overview of environmental health, environmental risks and human activity in relation to environmental health in the context of disease prevention, surveillance and control.


There will be one 3-hour lecture session each week that will include in-class exercises and small group assignments to assist in assignments and final presentations. This course is taught with the Vancouver City Studio program and includes community engagement with partners involved in real-world environmental health practice. This course includes a number of in-class presentations and, if selected, groups can go on to compete in the annual City Studio HUBBUB. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a recent course number change from HSCI 304 to HSCI 204, students who have completed HSCI 304 will be eligible to enroll in HSCI 483. Please email fhs_advising@sfu.ca or undergrad_assistant@sfu.ca for permission to register in HSCI 483.


  • Interpret and summarize peer-reviewed journal articles in environmental health.
  • Identify the environmental factors that affect the health of a community.
  • Describe the direct and indirect human and ecological effects of major environmental elements (e.g. Air, Water, Climate change).
  • Define and apply the concepts of risk and susceptibility to environmental agents, changes and/or stressors.
  • Evaluate the role of different social and psychological constructs in humans’ interactions with the environment.
  • Learn from and work with environmental health practitioners to develop skills for professional work settings
  • Apply creative thinking skills to help create interventions that address population-level environmental sustainability 
  • Improve oral and written communication skills


  • Assignment 1 - Indoor Air Quality (Group Project) 20%
  • Assignment 2 - Research Paper (Individual) 20%
  • Assignment 3 - Hubbub Project (Group Project) 25%
  • Reading Log: Term Long - Individual 10%
  • In-class Quz (Individual) 15%
  • Participation 10%


Please note: City Studio's involvement in this course can lead to schedule and assignment changes, sometimes at the last minute. Please recognize that taking this course requires that you cope with some uncertainty and schedule disruptions during the term. Additionally, only one group from the class will advance to the HUBBUB and a competitive vetting process is used to select this group.



There is no required textbook for this course. Readings will be assigned weekly.


Your personalized Course Material list, including digital and physical textbooks, are available through the SFU Bookstore website by simply entering your Computing ID at: shop.sfu.ca/course-materials/my-personalized-course-materials.

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