Alternative Transportation


SFU is served by four bus routes: the 95 B-line (formerly 135), 143, 144, and 145. For more information on routes, scheduling, etc. please see Translink’s webpage.

Students have access to UPass, a discounted bus pass. More information is available at the Student Services UPass information page.

Car Sharing:

Car sharing services provide vehicles for a fee to invidivuals for short term use. 

Two car sharing companies have vehicles on SFU's Burnaby campus: ZipCar and EVO

Both companies have reserved stalls in the West Parkade, and in the Upper Level of East Parking. 

Carpooling & Ridesharing

Carpooling is an arrangement between two or more people to share a ride to/from work/school on an ongoing basis.

Ridesharing is a real-time service that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice.

Carpooling Options:

If you are already part of a carpool, SFU has a Carshare carpooling program for faculty/staff. For more information on the benefits of this programs please see the information/application form.

If you are looking for a carpooling partner (either a driver or a passenger), SFU is a member of the Jack Bell Rideshare program accessible at (although it is called it is a carpooling facilitiation website).

Ridesharing Options:

Because of their one-time nature, Ridesharing options are generally organic in nature and organized through social media. 


SFU has a small but vibrant cycling community. Some people ride up and down the mountain, some take the bus up and ride down, and some come specifically to SFU to enjoy the mountain biking trails. Various resources exist including:


Although there are no sidewalks leading to the SFU campus, there is a well developed trail network in the Burnaby Mountain conservation area. These trails are not on SFU property and we recommend you use caution.