EV Charging Stations

September 30, 2019

We are excited to announce new EV charging locations on campus. This follows the vision of SFU’s Five-Year Sustainability Plan where one of our department mobility goals is to reduce the use of fossil fuels by those commuting to campus.

Where are they?

They are in the 6000 level of the West Parkade. To access them once you enter the parkade, take your first left to go down to the 6000 level and they are located on the back wall (there are 43 of them).

Note: these charging locations will NOT be showing up on PluginBC, PlugShare, or other interactive maps of Metro Vancouver charging locations for about another month.

How do I use them?

These are LEVEL 1 chargers – which means that you will need to use your own charging cord as they are similar to an improved home electrical outlet.

As these are located in the West Parkade you must either:

a)       Have purchased an Indoor parking permit, or

b)      Pay for hourly parking for the duration of the stay

If you have a different permit and want to change to an Indoor permit, please contact us at parking@sfu.ca

For more information on charging and using Level 1 outlets, you can visit the BC Hydro website here:


Why did you choose Level 1 chargers?

Two reasons:

a)       They are significantly cheaper to install than level 2 chargers (approx. 90% cheaper) which allows us to install more outlets.

b)      For most people, they will be at SFU for a long enough period of time that the charging speed of a Level 2 charger is unnecessary.

For comparisons sake, a Level 1 outlet charges about 25% as fast as a Level 2 – enough for the top-up most people at SFU need.

What about the existing Level 2 Chargers on campus?

We are currently awaiting arrival of replacement Level 2 chargers as some have reached end-of-life and are not functioning.

Should there be another government incentive program to assist with the cost, we would then look into expanding the number of Level 2 chargers on campus.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at parking@sfu.ca