Campus Wayfinding Project

Parking Lot Name Changes 2016

A new wayfinding improvement project is now underway across campus. As part of the overall changes to roadway and campus signage, the parking lots have changed:

The large permit/visitor lots have changed from alphabetical naming to geographical naming (e.g. B Lot has become East Parking)

The smaller permit only lots have changed from alphabetical naming to naming according to the nearest building (e.g. E Lot has become Strand Hall Parking) 


New Parking Lot Names

  Former Name New Name
Outdoor Lots C Lot                                                      North Parking                                   
B Lot East Parking
Discovery P3 South Parking
Indoor Lots West Mall Visitor Parkade West Parkade
Convocation Mall Central Parkade
Discovery P1/P2 South Parkade
Miscellaneous Lots            A Lot Library Lot
D Lot Facilities Services Lot
E Lot Strand Hall Lot
H Lot Water Tower Lot
P4 Discovery 2 Lot
Discovery P3 South Parking

New Campus Parking Map

Reasons for the Changes:

1) To have the parking lot names more clearly represent their location on campus.

2) To make it easier for first time and infrequent drivers to find the parking lots on campus.

3) To align with the overall goals of the wayfinding project (look & feel, campus zones, etc.)

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