Event Parking

Event Attendees

SFU Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services operates parking at the SFU Burnaby campus. If your event is located at one of SFU’s other campuses, different rules & regulations will apply. 

There is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby Campus. If your event host/organizer has made special parking arrangements, this will generally fall under one of three options:

  1. Daily Parking Permit: This daily permit must be filled out in pen and displayed on your vehicle dashboard. 
  2. Coupon Code: This code can be used in your specified lot with the "Event Rate" option to receive courtesy or disounted parking. 
  3. Lot Rental: No codes or permits are required, parking has been prepaid for the duration of the event. 
Please be sure to park in the area designated for the event, otherwise standard SFU parking fees and policies apply. For more information please see our visitor parking information page.

Event Organizers, Hosts, Sponsors

Most events at SFU should be organized through the Meeting Events and Conference Services (MECS) department. MECS will co-ordinate with Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services to meet the parking needs for your event. Parking will be subject to availability and we require requests to be submitted a minimum of 1 month prior to the event.

Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services reviews event parking under three broad categories:

  • SFU events.
  • Non-SFU events sponsored by SFU.
  • Non-SFU events that are not sponsored by SFU.

Depending on the type of event, date, length, and expected number of attendees (vehicles) Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services may be able to offer event parking rates. Those rates will be administered in one of two ways:

  1. Coupon code: A Coupon Code would be set up for attendees to use at the ticket vending machines - event hosts can subsidize some or all of the costs.
  2. Lot Rental: This would be a flat rate payment for parking for all attendees (e.g. rent an entire parking lot).

Alternatively, the event organizer/host/sponsor can leave all parking arrangements to the individual attendees.

For more detailed information please contact Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services directly.