Staff & Faculty Permit Parking

Purchase Your Parking Permit

Purchase your permit easily online here with your credit card (Visa/Mastercard), or via Payroll Deductions. 

Monthly permits are continuous, so no need to reapply unless you have cancelled. Reoccurring permits are billed on the first, and are valid for the duration of that calendar month.  Permits are not prorated. 

Purchase a permit

Buy FlexPass/Daily Pass

If you are driving to campus on average 1-2 days a week, your best option may be the FlexPass multipack.

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Managing Your Parking Account

The new online system allows you to completely self-manage your parking account. 

Update your license plates, contact information, or credit card details, and see past transactions, and your active permits. 

You can also cancel your monthly permit here.
Note: Permit MUST be cancelled prior to the start of the next month, or billing will occur. 

Manage your Account