Parking Rates


If you prefer to pay parking by the hour you can pay at on-site pay stations (Visa and Mastercard only, no cash or coins accepted) or easily online via the Honk Contactless Parking system (Payable with Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, or Paypal). Using Honk, there’s no app download required and the system should be able to recognize the lot you’re in by your current location if location sharing permissions are on. All you have to do is sign up to register your vehicle, and purchase parking.

If you do not allow location sharing permissions for Honk, you will need to know the zone number of the parking lot you are in. The zone will be displayed on Honk signage in each lot with accompanying QR codes.

Hourly Rate Overview

Rates below include 24% Translink tax and 5% GST.

  Hourly Daily Max
Monday to Friday
$3.50 $14.00
Monday to Friday - North Lot
$5.25 $26.25
Evenings & Weekends
(Evening Rates in Effect Weekdays After 6:00PM)
$3.50 $7.00
Residence West Lot (Early Bird arriving before 10:00AM)
$3.50 $7.00


If you are driving to the Burnaby campus on average 1-2 days a week, your best option may be the FlexPass multipack - with 10 daily permits for $65.00.

How It Works

A FlexPass redemption can be used in the Indoor, Outdoor, or Residence West Lots, on any plate, whenever you need it. It does not require you to prebook a date or location, and is not tied to any specific license plate.

When you park in one of the valid locations on campus, enter the FlexPass zone number: 9357, and redeem a pass for the day.  Each redemption lasts the entire day until 11:59PM.

FlexPasses only come in packs of 10 and no refunds are given for any unused days.

FlexPass multipacks expire 12 months after the purchase date. You will need to sign up for a HonkMobile account to purchase a FlexPass.

FlexPasses are payable by Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, and Paypal.

FlexPass is only available for the Burnaby campus. 

Mobile App Access

The FlexPass is accessible online, and via the HonkMobile App from the App store or Google Play store. You will need to create a free account if you are not already registered with HonkMobile.


  1. Create a HonkMobile account if you have not done so.
  2. Enter Zone ID 9357 and tap 'Search'
  3. Scroll down to 'Long-Term Parking' and press 'SEE MORE' to reveal the FlexPass -10 Passes option.
  4. Tap the FlexPass - 10 Passes option and you will be taken to the checkout page.

How to Use/Redeem FlexPass

  1. Park in the location your FlexPass is valid in:
    - East Parking
    - North Parking
    - South Parking
    - West Parkade
    - South Parkade
    - Residence West Lot
  2. Open the HonkMobile App or login to your HonkMobile account in a web browser
    - Go to Zone 9357
    Select FlexPass - Daily Redemption (until 11:59PM) $0.00
    - To purchase a Multipack, select "FlexPass - 10 Daily Passes $65.00" under Long Term Parking, then redeem a session per above. 
  3. Adjust your vehicle if necessary & select "park for free"
  4. Confirm your license plate and session details
  5. Get on with your day!

Input the wrong licence plate?

You have up to 10 minutes from redeeming a pass to change the vehicle attached to the parking session. You can change the licence plate on the "session complete" page.

Want to check how many passes you have left?

Your active & remaining FlexPass MultiPack will be displayed on the front page under "Parking Sessions" & "Active Sessions".

Permit Rates

The following are the monthly rates for permit parking at SFU. For semesterly rates (students) multiply by four (4) and for annual rates (faculty/staff) multiply by twelve (12). For non-standard permits such as Contractor, Garden Club, Pipe Band, etc. please contact Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services directly.

Permit Rate Structure



Pre-Tax Monthly Rate

Total Monthly Rate

Tier 1a   

Central Parkade Reserved Lot (Faculty and Staff Only)



Tier 2

East Parking Reserved; North Parking Reserved; Strand Hall Lot Reserved



Tier 2a

Indoor Permits (West Parkade & South Parkade P1/P2,
& East Parking, North Parking, South Parking)



Tier 3

Library Lot; Facilities Lot; Water Tower Lot; Strand Hall Lot;
Discovery 2 Lot



Tier 3a

Outdoor Permits (East Parking, North Parking, South Parking); 
Residence Main Lot Permits



Tier 3b

Residence West Lot



Select “non-standard” Permits - Monthly (X4 for Semester rates):





After Tax

(Valid in Motorcycle Stalls Only)



Evening & Weekend
(Outdoor Only)