Rates & Refunds

Note: All parking at SFU is paid parking – there is no free parking on campus.

Permit Rates

The following are the monthly rates for permit parking at SFU. For semesterly rates (students) multiply by four (4) and for annual rates (faculty/staff) multiply by twelve (12). For rates for non-standard permits such as Garden Club, Pipe Band, etc. please contact Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services directly.

Permit Rate Structures 

  Pre-Tax Rate Total Monthly Rate
Tier 1 Central Parkade Reserved $96.43 $122.51
Tier 2 East Parking Reserved, West Parking Reserved, Strand Hall Lot Reserved $81.97 $104.14
Tier 2a Indoor Permits (Unreserved): West Parkade &
South Parkade P1/P2
$75.00 $95.29
Tier 3 Library Lot, Facilities Lot, Water Tower Lot, Strand Hall Lot, Discovery 2 Lot, Madge Lot $67.50 $85.76
Tier 3a Outdoor Permits: (East Parking, North Parking, South Parking) $55.00 $69.88

Visitor Rates

  Hourly  Daily Max 
Monday to Friday $3.25 $13.00
Evenings & Weekends $3.25 $6.50
Discovery P1/P2 (Early Bird Before 9:00AM) $3.25 $5.00

Above rates include 21% Translink tax and 5% GST

Permit Rates

Visitor permits are non-refundable.

Semester and annual permits are refunded on a monthly pro-rated basis. Faculty/staff on payroll deduction must submit a payroll deduction withdrawal form prior to payroll cut-off. Permits will not be refunded until the permit holder returns their permit to Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services.