Rates & Refunds

Daily Rates



  Hourly Daily Max

Monday to Friday



Monday to Friday - North Lot



Evenings & Weekends
(Evening Rates in Effect Weekdays After 6:00PM)





Residence West Lot (Early Bird Before 10:00AM) 






Above rates include 21% Translink tax and 5% GST. On July 1, 2019 the Translink Tax increases to 24%.

Parking meters accept Coins, Mastercard & Visa. 

Mobile Payment option available through Passport Canada. For more information, click here. 

Permit Rates

The following are the monthly rates for permit parking at SFU. For semesterly rates (students) multiply by four (4) and for annual rates (faculty/staff) multiply by twelve (12). For non-standard permits such as Contractor, Garden Club, Pipe Band, etc. please contact Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services directly.

Permit Rate Structures 






Pre-Tax Monthly Rate

Total Monthly Rate

Tier 1a   

Central Parkade Reserved Lot (Faculty and Staff Only)



Tier 2

East Parking Reserved; North Parking Reserved; Strand Hall Lot Reserved



Tier 2a

Indoor Permits (West Parkade & South Parkade P1/P2)



Tier 3

Library Lot; Facilities Lot; Water Tower Lot; Strand Hall Lot;
Discovery 2 Lot



Tier 3a

Outdoor Permits (East Parking, North Parking, South Parking); 
Residence Main Lot Permits



Tier 3b

Residence West Lot



Select “non-standard” Permits - Monthly (X4 for Semester rates):





After Tax




Evening & Weekend
(Outdoor Only)



$75.00 $95.29
$75.00 $95.29

Parking Citations

There is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby Campus; vehicles not displaying a valid SFU parking permit must pay the daily parking rate either at the ticket vending machine, or through the Passport Canada mobile app

All parkers are responsible for reading and abiding by the Parking Regulations; Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services both tickets and impounds vehicles found to be parked in violation.

Citation Rates

No Valid Permit or Proof of Payment, Sign Violation, or Safety Violation Etc. $50.00
Parked in a Disability or Reserved Disability Stall $50.00
Displaying a Lost, Stolen, Altered or Counterfeit Permit $100.00

Citation Payment

Citation Payments must be made within 72 hours; this can be done online by clicking this link



Visitor Parking Permits are non-refundable. Parking meters do not return coins, give change or refunds. 

Permit Refunds

Permits will not be refunded until the permit holder returns their permit to Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services.

Semester and annual permits are refunded on a monthly pro-rated basis: 

  • Returned less than 30 days from the start of the semester: 75% of the fee 
  • Less than 60 days: 50% of the fee
  • Less than 90 days: 25% of the fee 
  • Over 90 days: No refund issued.

Short Term staff permits can only be refunded on a monthly basis. No refund will be issued for a permit which is valid, or remains valid for less than one month. 

Annual staff parking permits paid for in advance are refundable on a pro-rated monthly basis for the number of unused months remaining in the calendar year.

Faculty/staff on payroll deduction who wish to stop their deduction must submit a payroll deduction withdrawal form at least 15 calendar days prior to the end of the cancellation month. Failure to do so may result in additional deductions being taken.  Permits must be returned to the office as soon as possible after the cancellation date as permits are deactivated and void at this time. prior to payroll cut-off.