Transit operators’ strike action

November 20, 2019 – 2:15 PM PDT

The Union representing bus and SeaBus operators and maintenance staff may escalate job action throughout Metro Vancouver starting November 27.

All activities and operations continue as scheduled at SFU. This includes classes, labs, tutorials and exams. Additional parking is available on Burnaby campus. Vancouver and Surrey campuses should remain accessible by SkyTrain.

We recommend you prepare yourself:

If transit disruptions impact your ability to get to campus, please notify your instructors or supervisor to discuss options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will university operations remain open in the event of transit disruption?

All activities and operations will continue as scheduled at SFU, including classes, labs, tutorials and exams. Should disruptions escalate, we will advise on changes.

Q: How will I know if there is strike action or if travel to campus is interrupted?

If you rely on transit, please check TransLink’s alerts or trip planner page before you travel:

Q: Will there be any extra parking on campus? Where will it be and what will it cost?

For those who need to drive as an alternative to transit, additional free roadside parking has been made available on University Drive East at Burnaby campus. An additional campus community shuttle is in operation to move people from the additional parking locations to the main campus. You can see the shuttle stops here:

As SFU Surrey and Vancouver campuses are within space not owned by SFU, we are not in a position to offer additional parking at those locations.   

Q: Will there be a shuttle to or from campus from SkyTrain stations?

In the event of a bus strike, Vancouver and Surrey campuses should still be accessible by SkyTrain. Given the location and volume of students, faculty and staff that commute to and from Burnaby mountain every day, the university does not have the financial, labour or vehicle resources to shuttle people to and from SkyTrain stations near Burnaby mountain.

Q: Will there be organized car-pooling?

Information on carpooling can be found on our alternative transportation page: A number of Facebook groups have been set up by students to facilitate carpooling.

Q: What if I'm an SFU student impacted by the strike action and have no alternative ways to get to campus?

Please contact your instructor. The University encourages instructors to provide accommodation to students who are affected by the transit situation.

Q: What if I’m an SFU staff member impacted by the strike action and have no alternative ways to get to campus?

If you have concerns about your ability to get to campus in the event of strike activity please contact your supervisor to make alternate arrangements. Supervisors are encouraged to be creative and flexible in order to minimize the impact to our employees and their families, in balance with the University’s operational needs.

Q: Do we monitor staff absences? Is it vacation time?

Vacation, leave without pay, arrangements for make up time, or alternate work locations may all be considered.

Q: Can we let staff work from home? (CUPE, APSA)

Work from home can be challenging in some instances depending on the nature of work. This may be a consideration that supervisors can discuss with employees.