New Perspectives on Robert Forbes’s ‘The Lyon in Mourning’ Manuscript: 


June 30, 2022 

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh 

We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the Department of English at Simon Fraser University and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for this event.

***Please note: all participants are respectfully requested to wear masks inside IASH in order to protect those with health vulnerabilities or those living with immuno-compromised individuals*** 

9:30-10:15: Welcome and introductions of all participants 


10:15-11:15: National Library of Scotland/Edinburgh team members' presentations

  • Ralph McLean (Curator of 18th-century Manuscripts, NLS), The Lyon in Mourning and Its uses by the National Library of Scotland

  • Robert Betteridge (Curator of 18th-Century Rare Books, NLS), Collecting (or Not Collecting) the Jacobites in Print at the Advocates Library and National Library of Scotland

  • Harry Lewis, (PhD candidate, Edinburgh University), On the Trail of ‘The Lyon in Mourning’ Papers of Robert Forbes

11:15-11:45: Break

11:45-12:45: SFU team members' presentations 

  • Leith Davis (Professor, Simon Fraser University), Networking Jacobites and ‘The Lyon in Mourning’ Manuscript Digital Humanities Project

  • Joey Takeda (User Interface Developer, Simon Fraser University’s Digital Humanities Innovation Lab), "An Exact and Faithful Copy"?: Encoding, Transcribing, and Using the Digital ‘Lyon in Mourning’

  • Taylor Breckles, Jasmyn Bojakli, Shauna Irani, Julianna Wagar (Research Assistants, “Lyon in Mourning” Manuscript Project, Simon Fraser University): New Perspectives on ‘The Lyon in Mourning’: Spotlights

12:45-1:45: lunch break

1:45-2:15: talk: 

  • Daniel Szechi, Counting the ‘Cavaliers’: Two Contemporary Analyses of the Political Wing of the Scots Jacobite Underground in the Union Parliament

2:15-2:45: Breakout group discussions #1

2:45-3:15: Presentation of  group discussions #1: 

3:15-3:45: Break

3:45-4:15: Breakout group discussions #2: 

4:15-4:45: Presentation of group discussions #2

4:45-5:15: Next steps & wrap up