Linguistics 322

Midterm Exam

Spring 1997

Draw a P-marker for the following sentences and derive the appropriate S-structure. Do not take any shortcuts: (30)

  1. Nancy read books about Alzheimer's
  2. Did Maggie foretell el Niño?
  3. Does Polly question the source of crackers?
  4. The assassin shot the ambassador.

Hint: books about Alzheimer's is a constituent.

Why are the following sentences ungrammatical? (30)

  1. *Did Mary decided her own fate?
  2. *Thinks Bill happy thoughts?
  3. *Newton detests quantum mechanics?
  4. *Saw Mary by Bill.
  5. *Bill -en take to the hospital.
  6. *Be John see Alice?

Explain the principles and the movements you have selected for sentence (1c) and (1d) above. (10)

Although we have not actually studied the following construction, determine the conceptual structure and discuss any movements that might occur (no tree necessary): (10)

  1. Bill is playing cards.

What principle does the following structure violate?: (10)

  1. Betty-Ann+Nom+Acc likes Hearts [trace].


Note: timing this exam is difficult. Start with the tree for (1b), complete the remaining questions, and then finish with the trees for (1a) and (1c). If time runs out, the marking will be based on the this order of the answers.


Name three universal principles of syntax.

What accounts for raising to subject position?

Name at least two parameters of English syntax.

What is the difference between she and her? Explain, don't swash around.