Sample Final

List two principles of universal grammar and briefly explain their function. (10)
Determine the D-structure of the following sentence and complete a step-by-step derivation and explanation (motivation): (25)

  1. Did John put the salt on the table?
  2. Bill forget that Mary didn't see Bill.

Determine the D-structure for the following sentence (20):

  1. Does Mike Haircut think odd things about the Bloc Quebecois?

How can you account for does here?
In what ways are the following sentences related? Are they derived from the same D-structure? Determine the derivational-history structure for each of them (NPs and PPs and embedded VPs may be abbreviated). (20):

  1. It is certain that a linguist is playing the sax.

A linguist is certain to be playing the sax.
Discuss why each of the following sentences are ungrammatical-i.e. what principles and parameters failed to be applied or were applied incorrectly:

  1. *G. Clerk appears John to be bamboozling.
  2. *Does it appear G. Clerk to be bamboozling the voters?
  3. *Bill don't seem to like Polly.
  4. *Harry ate six rice for dinner.
  5. *This books on syntax seem boring.
  6. *Told Mary Bill to go to a play.
  7. *Henry promised Mary to buy herself a viola.
  8. *Ignatz urged to comb their hair.
  9. *Not Mary attempted Polly to finish her paper.
  10. *Calamity Jane wished Henry to study anaphors.
  11. *Barry is had writing a book.
  12. *Ilsa sold but her house a not her apartment.
  13. *Is Henry read essays every day?
  14. *The a books do read the three -s little pig.
    *Has the car been wrecked by?

What is the theta hierarchy established in class? How is it applied in syntax?