Spring 2018 Colloquium Series - 23 Feb

February 23, 2018


Susanna Siegel, Harvard :: Are Perceptual Experiences Gradable?
Friday, February 23 2018

Our judgments vary in the levels of confidence they express. For example, Jill might be highly confident that Jack’s footsteps are the ones she hears coming down the hallway, 
but much less confident (just from the sound of the footsteps) about how he is feeling. 
On some analyses, the underlying form of these levels of confidence are gradable confidence relations to propositions. Do perceptual experiences ever take the form of gradable confidence relations?
I discuss some large-scale reasons to think they might, some opposing 
reasons to think they can’t, and then I discuss whether there are any phenomenological motivations for this position, which has been defended recently on both a priori and empirical grounds.


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