Peter Horban Philosophy Undergraduate Award

The 2017 competition for the Peter Horban Philosophy Undergraduate Award has been won by Sam Mitchell, for his paper "Machan and the Hardliner’s Dilemma: Is Holding Mack’s Self-Ownership Proviso at Odds with Political Liberterianism?"

Extraordinarily, second place was also claimed by Sam, for his paper “Epistemic Policies Under Multiple Levels of Opacity.” This is an unprecedented result!

Congratulations to Sam, and to all our other nominees in an outstanding and competitive year. There were a large number of extremely high-quality submissions this year, and the task in determining a winner was especially hard. We are impressed by and proud of our remarkably talented group of undergraduate students.

Past winners

2016: (Two first-place prizes.) Kiana Bartz, “Proximate Causation in Criminal Law” and Robert Munro, “Nominalist Mathematics and the Second Philosophical Perspective.”

2015: Lindsay Grant, “Mind the Gap: Considering Jenann Ismael’s Compatibilism.”

2014: Rachel Taylor, "Colonial Problems for Pogge's and Wenar's Reforms to the Resource Privilege.”