Graduate Students

Lydia Castro

Lydia Castro is a current MA candidate in the Department of Linguistics at SFU. Their academic interests centre around sign language phonology, and markedness, with their thesis work looking at hand shape markedness in American Sign Language. Lydia is queer and multiply disabled, and they care deeply about labour and disability justice, and accessibility. When they aren’t doing linguistics, Lydia can be found spending time with their pet frog, Brandon, playing video games, or enjoying their latest deep dive into learning something new.

Danica Reid

Danica completed her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at SFU in the fall of 2015 and received her Master of Arts in Linguistics in June 2019. As a graduate student Danica developed and ran an experiment that focused on the ability of second language speakers of English to adapt and/or learn acoustic cues used in English. Her current research interests centre on language acquisition from childhood through to adulthood. In her free time, you are pretty much guaranteed to find Danica with her nose in a book.