Graduate Student

Danica Reid

Danica completed her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at SFU in the fall of 2015 and will receive her Master of Arts in Linguistics in June 2019. As a graduate student Danica developed and ran an experiment that focused on the ability of second language speakers of English to adapt and/or learn acoustic cues used in English. She will continue working in the lab for the coming months as she determines what her goals are for her future.


Anisa Maya Dhanji

Anisa is currently finishing a duo-degree program in Linguistics and French along with 2 specialization certificates in Speech Science and French Proficiency at Simon Fraser University. Although her primary interests lie in phonetics, phonology and first and second language acquisition, she would like to explore the many subfields of linguistics. Once finished her BA, she hopes to complete her teaching degree and further her education in speech pathology.

Vasundhara Gautam

Vasundhara is an undergraduate student studying computational linguistics. She is enjoying exploring phonology through her RAship at the lab and other areas of linguistics through her degree. The confluence of linguistics and computing science in natural language processing fascinates her, and being a language learning enthusiast, she hopes to get to work on Google Translate someday.

Rebekah Gingrich

Rebekah is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a double major in English and Linguistics. Her primary interests lie in language acquisition and syntax but she looks forward to gaining experience in the Phonological Processing Lab. Following her BA, she hopes to complete the teaching program at SFU.

Holly Gendron

Holly is in the process of completing her Undergrad in Linguistics. Her main area of interest has been syntax and she is now enjoying getting more experience in phonology while working in the lab. She is hoping to further her education to become a Speech Pathologist once finishing her BA at SFU.

Felicity Jiang

Felicity is a second-year undergraduate student and currently pursuing a joint major in Business and Psychology. She enjoys learning about human thoughts and the impact to behavior, which is the main reason driven her into psychology. Her main interest is on Memory and Learning and she is hoping to become an counsellor to further pursue her passion.


Kevin Kong

Kevin is an undergraduate student majoring in linguistics and minoring in psychology. His main interests lie in child phonology and language acquisition. Although Kevin enjoys working with people all across the age spectrum, he especially enjoys working with children. To further his passion, Kevin hopes to become a speech-language pathologist with a special focus on the pediatric population.

Larissa Melville

Larissa is an undergraduate student at SFU currently pursuing a major in Cognitive Science alongside an extended minor in Linguistics. Her interests lie in language acquisition, with focus on how speech and the brain interact. She hopes to further her linguistic knowledge in the Phonological Processing Lab and have an impact in the research community. After getting her BA, she intends to go to graduate school for speech language pathology.

Rachel Wang

Rachel is an undergraduate student studying linguistics as her major and psychology as her minor. While Rachel is interested in all things linguistics, she has a particular love for phonology and phonetics. She looks forward to learning more about these topics through her work in the phonological processing lab and in hopes of studying Audiology after her undergraduate studies.