Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Alliance (IDEA) Team

… we must make every effort [to ensure] that the past injustice, violence and economic discrimination will be made known to the people: The taboo, “let’s not talk about it” must be broken.” 

Albert Einstein – Message to the National Urban League Convention  Sept. 16, 1946 via Einstein on Race and Racism By Fred Jerome and Rodger Taylor

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What we do

The SFU Physics IDEA Team aims to promote changes that make our community more inclusive, equitable and diverse.  We operate under a Shared Leadership model.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our team members listed below for any questions, issues, or suggestions related to EDI in the department.  We are happy to hear from everyone and will do our best to help all people (students, staff and faculty) have a positive experience during their time as part of SFU Physics.

Who we are

Sarah Johnson   Faculty Representative   
Nancy Forde Faculty Representative
Steve Dodge Faculty Representative
Jeff Sonier Faculty Representative
Cameron Forde Undergraduate Advisor
Antonia Kowalewski          Undergraduate Student Representative
Emma Lee Undergraduate Student Representative
Naod Yimam Undergraduate Student Representative
Emma Lathouwers Graduate Student Representative
Leya Lopez Lovely Graduate Student Representative
Hamza Hanif Graduate Student Representative
Eric Jones Postdoctoral Fellow Representative



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