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Physics Student Support

We are very excited about a new opportunity for matching donations towards specific physics student bursaries and awards.   Any donations by alumni or friends towards bursaries or scholarships will be matched by the department up to a total value of $60,000 of external funds.  This means that a donation of $10,000 (which can be made over 3 years) can now be used establish a named endowment fund (total value of $20,000 including matching). For current and retired faculty who can take advantage of additional matching money from the Faculty of Science during the 2013 Campus Campaign, a new fund could be endowed for a contribution of as little as $7,000 over 3 years. If you are considering a smaller gift, we would like to highlight a new fund, the John F. Cochran fund named after one of the original founding faculty members in our department.

Examples of student support include:

  • The John F. Cochran fund (new), awarded to a student who has shown achievement and promise in both experiment and theory through the first two years of study in any physics honours program.
  • The Scott Wilson Memorial Endowment Fund, established in 2007 in memory of Scott Wilson, former Physics Technician. The purpose of the endowment fund is to provide bursaries for undergraduate physics students, particularly returning students, who are in financial need.
  • The Physics Charter Faculty Prize, awarded annually to the top graduating student in any major or honors Physics program. The endowment was established in recognition of Physics Charter Faculty: John f. Cochran, Konrad Colbow, Richard H. Enns, Robert F. Frindt, Rudi R. Haering, David J. Huntley, J.C. Irwin, Klaus E. Rieckhoff and K.S. Viswanathan.
  • Physics Graduate Scholarship Endowment Fund (provide fellowships for SFU Physics Graduate Students).
  • The Rudi Haering Award in Physics, an annual award available to an outstanding physics or chemical physics undergraduate.
  • The Ralph Kerr Memorial Bursary, established in memory of the charter member of SFU and former Physics employee. This bursary is awarded to undergraduate students with preference to students who are in their third or fourth year of studies in the physics or engineering programs.
  • The Curzon-Digman Bursary, available to graduate students in physics or for majors or honors undergraduate students in physics, mathematical physics, chemical physics, biophysics or other joint programs with physics, subject to demonstrated financial need and good academic standing.
  • The Evelyn & Leigh Palmer Scholarship, granted annually in any term based on academic merit to undergraduate students in a major or honors program in the physical sciences.
  • The Patrick Duncan McTaggart-Cowan Award in Physical Sciences, which provides for a student in the physical sciences on the basis of academic achievement and potential, with consideration being given to financial need.

Please visit our departmental fundraising page for more details on how to contribute to physics student awards.  We also invite you to contact the Department Chair or the Science Advancement Officer (Tracy London, 778.782.4891) to discuss your options for giving to SFU Physics.