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500 Granville Street, Vancouver BC, V6C 1W6
16th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics
6-8 July 2016, SFU Segal Building, Vancouver
… Still Under Construction
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Matt Choptuik (UBC) Valeri Frolov (Alberta) David Garfinkle (Oakland) Jack Gegenberg (New Brunswick) Gil Holder (McGill) Vicky Kaspi (McGill) Luis Lehner (Perimeter) Gregory Mendell (Caltech) Don Page (Alberta) Jocelyn Read (Fullerton) Dejan Stojkovic (Buffalo) David Wands (Portsmouth)
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Scientific:Ivan Booth (Memorial U) Andrew Frey (Winnipeg) Andrei Frolov (SFU) Jeremy Heyl (UBC) Hari Kunduri (Memorial U) Gabor Kunstatter (Winnipeg) Levon Pogosian (SFU) Bill Unruh (UBC) Local:Andrei Frolov (SFU) Gabor Kunstatter (Winnipeg) Levon Pogosian (SFU)
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Wednesday, July 6  Thursday, July 7  Friday, July 8  09:00    Matt Choptuik (UBC)  Black hole formation in Randall-Sundrum II braneworlds  Jocelyn Read (Fullerton)  Gravitational wave sources and discoveries  Valeri Frolov (Alberta)  Ghost-free gravity and black holes  09:45    Luis Lehner (Perimeter)  Gravitational waves and binary neutron stars  Gregory Mendell (Caltech)  Astrophysical Reach of the Advanced LIGO Detectors  Gil Holder (McGill)  Gravity on large scales: gravitational lensing of the CMB  11:00    David Wands (Portsmouth)  A relativistic approach to large-scale structure  Vicky Kaspi (McGill)  Fast radio bursts  Jack Gegenberg (New Brunswick)  Gravitational Yang-Mills theories  11:45    Dejan Stojkovic (Buffalo)  Non-locality and non-singularity in gravitational collapse  David Garfinkle (Oakland)  Gravitational wave memory  Parallel Sessions  12:30 Lunch Break  Lunch Break  Lunch Break  14:00 Parallel Sessions  Parallel Sessions  Parallel Sessions  Don Page (Alberta)  Naked firewalls  16:00 Parallel Sessions  Parallel Sessions  Conference Ends  17:30 Reception  19:00 Public Lecture  The Fast Radio Sky by Victoria Kaspi  Conference Dinner  at Steamworks Brew Pub  Welcome Reception and Registration 17:00 - 20:00 on Tuesday, July 5
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Delta Vancouver Suites550 West Hastings Street (3 mins walk, $239/night + taxes) call 604-689-8188 and ask for Group Rate for CCGRRA16
Conference Hotels and Venue
Sandman Hotel Vancouver180 West Georgia Street (10 mins walk, $122/night + taxes) call 604-681-2211 and quote Group Number 870809
Sandman Suites on Davie1160 Davie Street (30 mins walk, $139.00/night + taxes) call 604-681-7263 and quote Group Number 318100
SFU Segal Building500 Granville Street (conference venue)
Masooma Ali (New Brunswick) Syed Hassan (New Brunswick) Marek Radzikowski (AUAF) Sarfraz Ali (UBC) Jeremy Heyl (UBC) Sourya Ray (UACh) Bruno Arderucio Costa (UBC) David Hobill (Calgary) Jocelyn Read (CSU Fullerton) Pasquale Bosso (Lethbridge) Alireza Hojjati (UBC) David Renshaw (RASC) Leo Brewin (Monash) Gil Holder (McGill) Kristin Schleich (UBC) Matthew Choptuik (UBC) Viqar Husain (New Brunswick) Sanjeev Seahra (New Brunswick) Dagoberto Contreras (UBC) Uzair Hussain (Memorial) Dejan Stojkovic (SUNY at Buffalo) Ramin Daghigh (Metropolitan State) Matthew Johnson (York) Sean Stotyn (Calgary) De-Chang Dai (Shanghai Jiao Tong) Victoria Kaspi (McGill) Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana) Anadi Das (SFU) David Kofron (Charlesin Prague) Benjamin Tippett (UBC Okanagan) Arundhati Dasgupta (Lethbridge) Gabor Kunstatter (Winnipeg) Tilman Troester (UBC) Michael Desrochers (UBC) Luis Lehner (Perimeter) Oleg Tsupko (IKI) Farzad Fathizadeh (Caltech) Woei Chet Lim (Waikato) Jesse Velay-Vitow (SFU) Heather Fong (Toronto, CITA) Elizabeth Loggia (UBC) David Wands (Portsmouth) Andrei Frolov (SFU) Colin MacLaurin (Queensland) Donald Witt (UBC) Valeri Frolov (Alberta) Alzbeta Medvedova (SFU) I-Sheng Yang (Perimeter) Jose Galvez Ghersi (SFU) Gregory Mendell (Caltech) Lingjun Zhou (Manitoba) David Garfinkle (Oakland) Todd Oliynyk (Monash) Jonathan Ziprick (New Brunswick) Jack Gegenberg (New Brunswick) Don Page (Alberta) Alex Zucca (SFU) Cisco Gooding (Colorado, Boulder) Manu Paranjape (Montréal) Nosiphiwo Zwane (Perimeter) Michael Green (Metropolitan State) Levon Pogosian (SFU) Yuri Gusev (Lebedev) Amit Poudel (Florida Atlantic)
Registered Participants
Invited Speaker List
P1A QG/QFT  P1B Classical GR  14:00    Masooma Ali (UNB)  Linearised gravity with matter time  Woei Chet Lim (Waikato)  Non-orthogonally transitive G2 spike solution  14:20    Gabor Kunstatter (Winnipeg)  Polymer quantization of thin shell collapse  Donald Witt (UBC)  Searching for Primordial Black Holes  14:40    Syed Hassan (UNB)  Polymer inflation  Benjamin Tippett (Okanagan)  Traversable acausal retrograde domains in spacetime  15:00    Yuri Gusev (Lebedev Institute)  Finite temperature field theory  Marek Radzikowski (AUAF)  Geometric optics approximation and microlocal analysis in QFT on curved spacetime  15:20    Coffee Break  Coffee Break  P2A Cosmological Tests  P2B Black Holes  16:00    Matthew Johnson (York)  Observable non-linearities in cosmology  Bruno Arderucio Costa (UBC)  Unbounded entropies  16:20    Tilman Troester (UBC)  Probing the universe with lensing cross-correlations  Todd Oliynyk (Monash)  Dynamical compact bodies in General Relativity  16:40    Nosiphiwo Zwane (Perimeter)  Cosmological tests of everpresent Lambda  Sourya Ray (UACh)  Generalized Birkhoff's theorem and exotic black holes in Lovelock gravity  17:00    Jose Tomas Galvez Ghersi (SFU)  Two-point correlators revisited: Fast and slow scales in multifield models of inflation  Uzair Hussain (Memorial)  Extreme mass ratio merger and horizon deformation  back to full conference schedule ↩︎ 
Wednesday Parallel Sessions
P3A Classical Alternatives  P3B QG/QFT  14:00    Anadi Das (SFU)  The 5th force and General Relativity  Viqar Husain (UNB)  Dispersion relations and low energy excitation of Unruh detectors  14:20    Andrei Frolov (SFU)  Black holes in modified gravity  Lingjun Zhou (Manitoba)  A model for spherical firewall creation  14:40    Alex Zucca (SFU)  Cosmological test of scalar-tensor theories  Pasquale Bosso (Lethbridge)  Quantum gravity phenomenology from the generalized uncertainty principle  15:00    Levon Pogosian (SFU)  What can Cosmology tell us about Gravity?  Manu Paranjape (Montréal)  Gravitationally induced quantum transitions and the graviton laser  15:20    Coffee Break  Coffee Break  P4A Theory  P4B Astrophysical and Cosmological Tests  16:00    Farzad Fathizadeh (Caltech)  Modular forms in the spectral action of Bianchi-IX gravitational instantons  Heather Fong (CITA)  The rate of compact binary coalescences from LIGO observations  16:20    I-Sheng Yang (Perimeter)  Gravitational turbulence and instability of global AdS  Jonathan Thornburg (Indiana)  Radiation-reaction effects in black hole binaries  16:40    Leo Brewin (Monash)  Some applications of smooth lattice methods to Ricci flow and numerical relativity  Dagoberto Contreras (UBC)  Constraints on cosmic birefringence from Planck 2015 polarization data  17:00    David Kofron (Charles U. in Prague)   Separability of the Teukolsky equation and the Meissner effect on rotating C-metric  David Hobill (Calgary)  Astrophysical applications of the Tolman-VII solution  17:20    Sean Stotyn (Calgary)   Near horizon geometries as tangent spacetimes      back to full conference schedule ↩︎ 
Thursday Parallel Sessions
Friday Parallel Sessions
P5 Remaining Talks  No Parallel Session  11:45    Sanjeev Seahra (UNB)  A big bounce, slow-roll inflation and dark energy from conformal gravity  12:05    Arundhati Dasgupta (Lethbridge)  Semi-classically corrected gravity and astrophysics  12:30    Lunch Break  14:00    Colin MacLaurin (Queensland)  Black holes as seen by falling observers  14:20    Jonathan Ziprick (UNB)  Discrete General Relativity  back to full conference schedule ↩︎ 
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