Testing Gravity 2015

15-17 January 2015, SFU Harbour Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Modifed Newton's Apple

A three day workshop on various ways of testing gravity — cosmological, astrophysical and terrestrial. This is a topical theme, in part because of the growing interest in modified gravity theories motivated by the unexplained nature of dark matter and dark energy, and in part by improving technologies that open opportunities for new types of tests. The workshop will bring together experimentalists, observers and theorists, with a mixture of invited and contributed talks, and plenty of time for discussions. A one day school on cosmology and gravity for students will directly precede the main workshop.

Invited Speakers:

    • Eric Adelberger (U Wash)

    • Niayesh Afshordi (Waterloo/Perimeter)

    • Rachel Bean (Cornell)

    • Philippe Brax (Saclay)

    • Avery Broderick (Perimeter)

    • Manuela Campanelli (RIT)

    • Gunther Cronenberg (Vienna)

    • Cedric Deffayet (IAP, Paris)

    • Makoto Fujiwara (TRIUMF)

    • Lam Hui (Columbia)

    • Mark Kasevich (Stanford)

    • Brian Keating (UCSD)

    • Kazuya Koyama (Portsmouth)

    • Michael Landry (Caltech)

    • David Langlois (APC Paris)

    • Jiro Murata (Rikkyo University)

    • Ue-Li Pen (CITA)

    • Misao Sasaki (Yukawa)

    • Alessandra Silvestri (SISSA/Leiden)

    • Ingrid Stairs (UBC)

    • Jay Tasson (St. Olaf College)

    • Mark Trodden (UPenn)

    • Shinji Tsujikawa (Tokyo University)

    • Bill Unruh (UBC)

    • Mark Van Raamsdonk (UBC)

    • Ludovic Van Waerbeke (UBC)

    • Martin White (Berkeley)

    • Nico Yunes (Montana)

    • Gong-Bo Zhao (Portsmouth/Beijing)


Registered Participants:

    • download full registered participant list

Topics on Agenda:

    • Pulsars, black holes and other astrophysical tests

    • Gravitational wave detectors

    • Terrestrial tests, gravity on short distances

    • Cosmological probes - CMB, 21cm, redshift surveys, weak lensing

    • Modified gravity models: scalar-tensor, massive gravity, etc.

    • Model-independent frameworks for testing gravity


Conference Program:

    • download full conference program


Scientific Organization:

    • Andrei Frolov (SFU)

    • Makoto Fujiwara (TRIUMF)

    • Ruediger Picker (TRIUMF)

    • Levon Pogosian (SFU)

    • Maxim Pospelov (Victoria/Perimeter)

    • Dimitrios Psaltis (Arizona)

    • Douglas Scott (UBC)


Local Organization:

    • Levon Pogosian (SFU)    • main contact •

    • Andrei Frolov (SFU)

    • Alireza Hojjati (SFU/UBC)

    • Douglas Scott (UBC)


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