1L10.10 Cavendish Balance (Video Reference)


Cavendish balance


Videos demonstrating the Cavendish Balance.

Videos available:

  1. Video Encyclopedia Disc 7, Ch 23 (frames 32491 to 35036) The segment is well described in notes accompanying the disc. The Leybold apparatus, exactly like the one used in the second year lab, is shown and there is a terrific animation of the apparatus and the moving spot.
  2. Miller Collection: Measurement of G The Cavendish Experiment (disc, 2 minutes 15 seconds, or film loop) The film is well described in notes accompanying the disc. "Time-lapse photography of damped torsional oscillation of moving system after external masses are shifted. Detailed analysis of systematic errors. Calculation of mass of earth." The Leybold apparatus was used, with several modifications.
  3. PSSC Film "Forces" - Zacharias (VHS, black and white, 23 minutes) Includes the Cavendish experiment using a balance made with two bottles of water for the weights on the bar and two boxes of sand. A classic.
  4. Cinema Classics Disc1, Side B, Ch47 excerpts from Zacharias "Forces": stills of the setup and shots of the spot moving (frames 38009 to 39088) and from Miller (frames 39089 to 39478).

Additional Resources


  • PIRA 1L10.10 (model); 1L10.30 (real thing) 
  • Video Encyclopedia 07-23 
  • Cavendish's paper is on file in the second year lab.


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