1M40.90 Celt (Rattleback)


Spin reversal, change in direction of rotational energy


When rotated in one direction, the celt will stop and rotate in the opposite direction.



  • [1] Celt (also known as a rattleback)


  1. Place the celt on the glass surface of the overhead projector (mylar will interfere with the rotation of the celt).
  2. Flick the celt with your finger to cause it to rotate like a top. In one direction, the celt will rotate normally. In the other direction, the celt will eventually stop rotating and begin to rotate in the opposite direction. Note that as the rotation slows, the celt will oscillate around its long axis.
  3. Push down on one end of the celt to cause it to oscillate like a see-saw. The celt will begin to rotate like a top.


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  • Don't attempt this at home!

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