1D60.10 Vertical Gun on Car (Ballistic Cart)


Relative motion, projectile motion


When the car passes a trigger point, the ballistic cart accessory launches a small ball upwards. The ball falls back into the cart because of relative motion.



  • [1] Cart
  • [1] Ballistic cart accessory
  • [1] Cart track
  • [1] Ball
  • [2] Lab jack
  • [1] Photogate trigger

Classroom Assembly

  1. Level the track on the lab jacks.
  2. Attach the photogate trigger to the track.
  3. Screw the ballistic cart accessory to the cart.
  4. Cock the ballistic cart accessory, turn it on, and place the ball inside.
  5. Place the cart on the track.

Important Notes

  • Don't put your face over the ballistic cart accessory when it's on!


  1. Launch the ball with the car effectively at rest by slowly moving the cart through the photogate trigger.
  2. Reset the launcher and push the cart so it passes the photogate trigger at moderate speed.


Additional Resources


  • PIRA 1D60.10
  • Ballistic cart accessory: Pasco model ME-9486
  • Cart: similar to Pasco model ME-6933 and ME-6934


  • Don't attempt this at home!

Last revised

  • 2019


  • There are controls to level the launcher, if necessary.
  • The ballistic cart accessory was purchased from Ayva Educational Solutions.

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