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Particle detectors


ATLAS is a particle detector at the Large Hadron Collider. This Lego model of the ATLAS detector was built by particle physics grad students from a design by Sascha Mehlhase. The scale is roughly 50:1, with the Lego people being the size of people in the model.



  • [1] [P9420.1] Lego ATLAS model

Important Notes

  • The model is delicate. Be very careful with it. If it gets damaged, we may not be able to borrow it again from the particle physics grad students.


Depending on your knowledge of particle physics, you could go into all sorts of details about the inner workings of ATLAS. The basic structure is as follows:

  • Inner detector, for measuring the momenta of the charged particles
  • Calorimeter, for measuring the energies of the particles
  • Muon spectrometer, for identifying muon types and measuring their momenta
  • Magnets, for steering charged particles to allow measurements.

The references below may be useful for additional background.


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  • Totally attempt this at home, but we are not responsible if someone somehow gets hurt with Lego!

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