1C10.XX Position to Velocity Worksheet




A large scale ticker-tape demonstration. The prof walks across the lecture hall with a flashing and buzzing helmet on his head whilst marking position. Note: this demonstration has been designed for theatre B9200. It has been done in a smaller theatre but this description will assume B9200.



  • [1] Helmet with flasher
  • [1] Meter stick with bingo markers
  • [1] Roll of paper towel
  • [1] Number line attached to blackboard with small magnets
  • [1] Extra magnets for attaching paper towel to blackboard
  • [1] Plastic meter stick

Classroom Assembly

  1. Attached the number line to the blackboard with small rubber magnets.

Important Notes

  • The demonstration requires a lack of concern for personal dignity to be performed successfully.


  1. Stand near the -2 or -3 meter mark.
  2. Turn on the helmet.
  3. Make a few practice taps with the marker, then start walking.
  4. Stop before the end of the towel.
  5. Flip the meter stick over to use the other marker.
  6. Reverse to a position different from the starting point.
  7. The towel may then be mounted on the blackboard by means of small magnets above the number line.
  8. Measure the positions of the dots on the towel and have the students record them on their worksheets. Practice beforehand to ensure that the time taken matches the times printed on the worksheet. See Neil's web pages for further information.


Additional Resources


  • PIRA 1C10.XX


  • Don't attempt this at home!

Last revised

  • 2018


  • The number line from -5 to +5 meters (see another demo) is attached to the blackboard with small rubber magnets.
  • Position is marked on the paper towel by means of bingo markers taped to a meter stick.
  • Use one colour for forward motion, the other for reverse.
  • The helmet has a flashing light and a buzzer which repeat every second or so. This time interval may be adjusted.

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