3D30.35 Whirly Tube


Resonance in a pipe, overtones.


A whirly tube (a tube of corrugated plastic, also known as a corruga tube) is whirled in circles at different speeds producing resonance at different pitches, along with overtones.



  • [1] Whirly tube 

Important Notes

  • Details of the whirly tube can't be seen in a large lecture hall, but the sound can be clearly heard.
  • The pitch emitted by the whirly tube depends on how quickly you whirl it. Pitch does not increase linearly, but jumps by discrete intervals.
  • If you practice in advance, you can play "Taps," a song played at military funerals.


  1. Hold the whirly tube at one end and whirl it in a circle.
  2. Adjust your whirl speed to adjust the pitch emitted.

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