Information For New Department Members

Getting to SFU and Getting Around


Parking and Commuting

There is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby Campus. In addition, Parking Services both tickets and impounds vehicles found to be parking in reserved parking spaces or in safety violations. Parking permits are available through SFU Parking Services, and there is visitor's parking available on campus. Temporary visitor's parking passes are also available from the Physics Office Assistant.

Permanent and continuing staff may purchase a permit through payroll deduction. Forms are located on the online forms page. Temporary and non-continuing positions may purchase parking on a semesterly or annual basis by paying in advance.

Reciprocal Parking

A Reciprocal Parking Agreement exists between Simon Fraser University (SFU) and some non-private educational institutions. This agreement only allows Faculty and Staff of qualifying organizations to park free of charge at SFU for such activities as attending meetings or seminars of a departmental, academic or administrative nature between SFU and the qualifying institution, etc.

For more details about reciprocal parking, and for a list of institutions covered under this agreement please click here.

Note: UBC has moved to a number plate system for it's parking. UBC visitors must display a receipt from UBC showing the purchase of a UBC parking pass.

Road Report

Want to know about SFU road conditions? Is the university still open? Is Translink making it up the mountain?  Call: 604.44-HIWAY or 604.444.4929 or click here.

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Computing ID & SFU ID Cards

Obtaining your SFU Computing ID

An SFU computing ID will provide you with access to your SFUConnect email account, along with other SFU resources and databases. Please begin monitoring your SFU email account as soon as it is activated; it will be used as the primary method of communication of important department and university information. Please note that the procedures for obtaining SFU Computing IDs differ for staff and students.

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Obtaining Your  SFU Identification/Library Card

All SFU Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible for an SFU Identification/Library Card. This card contiains your photo, your SFU ID number and a barcode number you will use for accessing some library services.

SFU Systems - Glossary and Links

More info coming soon.

Accessing Your Employee and Payroll Information

Once you have received your computing account you will have access to SFU's Employee Portal (MyInfo). MyInfo allows you to access and/or update the following information:

  • Personal Information Summary
  • Employee Profile
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Contact Information

Payroll and Compensation Information

  • View Current or Previous Paycheques
  • Vacation and/or Seniority Balances
  • Benefits Statement
  • Download Tax Form (T4/T4A Slips) and Consent

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Safety and Security

New and Young Worker Safety Orientation

All new SFU employees must complete the University's on-line New and Young Worker Safety Orientation.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training

All SFU employees must complete the University's on-line Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training course.

Department Safety Training

It is the supervising faculty member's responsibility to insure that all research personnel have received safety training appropriate to their lab. Please check-in with your supervisor the see what training is required.

Machine Shop

Please contact one of the following Physics technicians for orientation in the Machine Shop:

Radiation Safety Office

The SFU Radiation Safety Office offers training in the following areas. Click the links below for training schedules:

Environmental Health and Research Safety Department (EHRS)

SFU's Environmental Health and Research Safety Department provides additional training and reseources in numerous areas, including Lab Safety Training:

Personal Safety at SFU

**In an emergency call 911**

Campus Security
*Emergency Line: 778-782-4500* (or extension 24500 from campus phone)
Non-emergency Line/Safe Walk Line: 778-782-7991

Safe Walk Program

The Safe Walk Program was developed by Campus Security as a safety initiative. This service helps ensure your safety as you travel around campus.  Call: 778-782-7991

The Safe Walk escort is provided by either a security officer or a student campus safety member. The Safe Walk personnel are equipped with portable radios and flashlights and are in direct communication with the Security Department Patrol Operations dispatcher.

Lone Worker Program

If you’re working after hours, contact Campus Security and let them know your location and the time you expect to be finished. They will then be able to check on you if an emergency occurs. Call: 778.782.3100

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Campus Programs and Resources

SFU Health and Counselling


SFU's Health and Counselling Centre offers a wide range of services to maintain your physical and mental health, from health clinics to vaccinations to physiotherapy.

Health clinic: Call 778-782-4615.
Counselling: Email or call 778-782-4615.

See the full contact list for all campuses

Faculty and Staff

Health and Counselling Services will provide urgent/emergency care to all members of the SFU community.  Staff and faculty can also access occupational first aid whenever necessary.

The following services are available to SFU faculty and staff:

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Recreation Services

Most students, staff, and faculty receive an SFU Recreation membership while at SFU. Full-time SFU students are assessed a Recreation and Athletics fee through their student fees. Staff and Faculty are offered free memberships. Family members and other members of the SFU community, including contract or temporary staff and faculty, are offered discounted recreation memberships. For additional information, rates and eligibility details for recreation members, please click here.

With an SFU Burnaby Rec Membership, you will have access to the following:

All individuals 19 years or older must complete a Liability Waiver Form available from the SFU Recreation office. SFU students may complete this form online through

Additionally, SFU Recreation offers other services including the following:

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Campus Amenities

Food/Restaurants at Burnaby Campus

The Burnaby campus is served by Chartwell's (White Spot, Tim Horton's, the Diamond Alumni Centre, among others) and by a number of restaurants at the Cornerstone.

Shops and Services at SFU

In addition to food and restaurants, there are a number of other services at Univercity and on campus. Univercity hosts a number of restaurants, Nester's Supermarket (groceries/, pharmacy, deli, postal outlet), dental office and bank, among other services. In addition to a food court and pub, the SFU student society also operates a copy centre in the Maggie Benston Building.

In addition to books, the SFU Bookstore has a variety of stationary items, electronic accessories, clothing and gifts.

SFU Document Solutions offers a wide variety of services related to printing and design.

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Department Information  

Obtaining Keys to Your Office or Lab

The Physics Department Manager will assign you an office when you arrive at SFU. Faculty, postdocs, grad students and continuing staff will additionally be issued a key for the department kitchen. You will be required to show photo identification and pay a $20 deposit for each key (deposit will be returned when key is returned).

All SFU Burnaby Campus keys and cards can be picked up in Discovery 1, Room 1300.

  • Visa, Mastercard, debit and cash accepted
  • Open from 8:45am until 3:45pm, Monday to Friday

Photo ID is required for all transactions. (SFU ID is sufficient).

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, please visit Campus Security as soon as possible to file a report. You will be provided with a file number on a card. Bring this card back to the department and a new key requisition will be issued. Your first key deposit will be withheld, and you will have to provide a second deposit at double the rate ($40 per key).

Personal and Emergency Contact Information

The department will collect your personal and emergency contact information when you complete your payroll forms upon your arrival. We maintain our own emergency contact database for all students, faculty and staff

If at any point your personal or contact information changes, please be sure to update your information by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the SFU Employee Portal ( and update your personal and emergency contact information
  2. Notify the Physics Office Assistant of any changes in your contact or emergency contact information

Additionally, when you arrive, you may not have received your computing ID. Please supply us with your computing ID when you receive it.

To notify the department of any changes to your personal, contact, or emergency contact information, please contact the Physics Office Assistant:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 778-782-4310

Department Photos

Periodically through the year, the department will send an email to all department members to inform them of a schedule for photo sessions offered by SFU Creative Services. There is no charge to you for this photo that we will use on our website and department photo board. Photo sessions are typically scheduled in the fall, though we may schedule other sessions in the Spring and/or Summer as required.


The Physics kitchen (adjacent to the Physics General Office) contains a refrigerator, espresso machine and microwave for your use. Please label any food you put in the fridge.

Please make note of your coffee or tea consumption on a card, or pay per use in the cup next to the espresso machine. If you require a tutorial on how to use the espresso machine, please speak to David Broun.

Room Bookings

The Department of Physics has two rooms available for booking by department members. Additional rooms in other Science departments are available for booking by request. Please visit the SFU Physics Room Bookings page for more information.

Teaching and Research Supplies

Stationary supplies related to teaching and research are available from the Physics General Office. Additional supplies for research may be purchased from SFU Science Stores. Your supervisor may authorize the setup of a Science Stores account. Items for personal use unrelated to teaching or research are not covered by the department.

Department Library and Desk Copies

The Physics Library is not only our informal student lounge, but is also our repository of books and theses. You may sign those out by taking your selection to the Physics Office Assistant.

"Desk Copies" of all textbooks used in our classes are available from the front desk for Teaching Assistants. Please ask the Physics Office Assistant to sign your copy out for you.

Printing and Photocopying

Personal printing costs are 10 cents per side. You may send jobs directly to the Physics Library printer. Please pay the Physics Office Assistant for all printing and photocopying costs.

Bulk printing should be done through the SFSS Copy Centre, SFU Document Solutions or a private printer such as Cornerstone Printing.

Mail and Courier

All personal courier orders will not be covered by the department. All external mail must have sufficient postage. There is a full-service Canada Post outlet (offering domestic and international courier services) at Nester's Market, located at The Hub building, adjacent to the Cornerstone Building.

Research Computing   

Research Computing Group Handbook

IT Services for Researchers

As an SFU researcher, there are a number of information technology services you can use to support your research activities including consultation services. We can

  • Offer you our expertise regarding specific software packages.
  • Provide you with access to high-performance computing installations
  • Offer you assistance in analyzing, designing, and procuring IT software and hardware for your project (subject to staff availability).
  • Provide project management support (subject to staff availability).
  • Project management support is typically used for large IT projects, and it can be applied to any project large enough to benefit from IT best practices.
  • Help you prepare the IT section of your grant proposal.

Our primary contact is through The emergency weekend and holiday support number is 604-365-6432 if you are unable to send email. This number is monitored only on weekends and holidays.

RCG Services