Burnaby Physics Demos by Topic

1. Mechanics

1A. Measurement

1C. Motion in One Dimension

1D. Motion in Two Dimensions

1E. Relative Motion

1F. Newton's First Law

1G. Newton's Second Law

1H. Newton's Third Law

1J. Statics of Rigid Bodies

1K. Applications of Newton's Laws

1L. Gravity

1M. Work and Energy

1N. Linear Momentum and Collisions

1Q. Rotational Dynamics

1R. Properties of Matter

2. Fluid Mechanics

2B. Statics of Fluids

2C. Dynamics of Fluids

3. Oscillations and Waves

3A. Oscillations

3B. Wave Motion

3D. Instruments

4. Thermodynamics

4A. Thermal Properties of Matter

4B. Heat and the First Law

4C. Change of State

4D. Kinetic Theory

4E. Gas Law

4F. Entropy and the Second Law

5. Electricity and Magnetism

5A. Electrostatics

5B. Electric Fields and Potential

5C. Capacitance

5D. Resistance

5E Electromotive Force and Current

5F. DC Circuits

5G. Magnetic Materials

5H. Magnetic Fields and Forces

5J. Inductance

5K. Electromagnetic Induction

5L. AC Circuits

5M. Semiconductors and Tubes

5N. Electromagnetic Radiation

6. Optics

6A. Geometrical Optics

6B. Photometry

6C. Diffraction

6D. Interference

6H. Polarization

7. Modern Physics

7A. Quantum Effects

7B. Atomic Physics

7D. Nuclear Physics

8. Astronomy

8C. Cosmology