Room Bookings

The Department of Physics has two rooms available for booking by department members. Additional rooms in other Science departments are available for booking by request.

Department of Physics Rooms

Small Seminar Room (P8445.1)


  • 2 Built-in Projectors
  • Built-in Video and Teleconferencing Technology
  • Document Camera

Booking Policy P8445.1

The small seminar room is not a university facility. It primarily serves the physics department.

  1. SFU Physics administrative business
  2. Physics research group meetings and small seminars.
  3. Small enrollment physics courses.
  4. Meetings of other groups on campus.

The Fishbowl (P8445.2)


  • medium-sized seminar room
  • built-in projector

Booking Priority of P8445.2

Departmental meetings and seminars have first priority.

P9416 First Year Lab

Department of Physics rooms can booked through the Physics Office Assistant:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 778-782-4310

Faculty of Science Rooms

Physics department members have access to a few rooms throughout the Faculty of Science.  Please visit the Faculty of Science Room Booking System to book the following rooms:

Graduate Student Room Booking

MSc and PhD students will typically book rooms for Annual Progress Reviews (Committee Meetings) and Defences. Please contact the Graduate Program Assistant to make these bookings.

All other room booking inquiries should be made through the Physics Office Assistant at or call 778-782-4310