Special Event

Physical Review journals: the editorial and peer-review process

Wed, 27 Apr 2016
Special Event
Ling Miao
Managing Editor, Physical Review X
Physical Review journals: the editorial and peer-review process
Apr 27, 2016


Physical Review X, launched in May, 2011, is still a new member of the Physical Review family journals (including PRL, PRA, PRB, PRC, PRD, and PRE) -- the bedrock journals that the international physics-archive community relies on. What are its current status and position? What are its long-term mission and goals? What can it offer you?

I will answer these questions in this talk. In connection I will briefly discuss the status of the Physical Review family journals and their indisputable contribution to physics-archive and to the international physics-archive community. I will provide some representative statistics on publications, citations and impact measures as well as some geographic and institutional comparisons.

I will also give you an insider's view of the PRX's editorial process: On what basis do the editors evaluate new papers, choose referees, and accept and reject papers? What are the fundamental challenges the editors face in publishing a highly selective journal? How can authors navigate the review process productively? How can referees help?

Last but not least, I hope to get YOUR view of the Physical Review journals and YOUR feedback on our editorial work. Such input will help PRX and its sister journals become stronger and work better for you.