Silicon-based quantum computation opportunities

August 30, 2015

Silicon-based quantum computation is one of the fastest-growing and most promising avenues towards the realisation of large-scale quantum technologies. Silicon-based quantum bits (or ‘qubits’) offer the longest lifetimes and highest accuracies in the solid state. 

Two funded M.Sc./Ph.D. positions are available with the aim to experimentally link multiple silicon-based donor qubits together using cavity quantum electrodynamics. The first step will be to construct appropriate high-Q cavities and observe strong interactions with a donor qubit, which can be exploited to to perform measurement of the qubit’s state at cryogenic temperatures. Following this, multiple cavities will be linked together to scale up the system size and observe donor-donor entanglement. Basing these designs in silicon will allow us to exploit semiconductor foundries in future to quickly create larger, more demanding designs for commercial applications. 

One project will develop the design and fabrication of the devices themselves in SFU’s 4D LABS, a $41-million cleanroom facility opened in 2007. The student will simulate device parameters and master a range of fabrication tools and techniques, to build single- and multi-qubit devices and cavities. The second project will develop the instrumentation and measurement suite to perform accurate quantum measurements of these devices in a cryogen-free milliKelvin dilution refrigerator. 

Both students will be able to apply the measurement suite to both SFU- and collaborator-fabricated quantum devices, which will involve performing quantum algorithms using magnetic resonance as well as pulsed low-frequency low-noise electrical control.

The experimental work will be carried out in the newly built Silicon Quantum Information laboratory at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of S. Simmons (Physics). We collaborate extensively with M. Thewalt (SFU) and A. Morello (UNSW), and others including IQC, UBC, Sherbrooke and Oxford. 

Both Canadian and International students are encouraged to apply. The positions will remain open until filled. Please contact for further information.