Professor Mike Thewalt leads one of three SFU Physics projects that will receive funding through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (Photo Courtesy of SFU News)


SFU Physics Led Projects Awarded $15.4 Million in CFI Innovation Funding

October 13, 2017

Research in the SFU Department of Physics was highlighted earlier this week when the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced infrastructure funding for 117 projects across Canada. SFU Physics fared well in this funding announcement as the CFI plans to invest nearly $15.4 million in three spearate projects led by physics Professors Jeff Sonier, Michael Thewalt and Michel Vetterli. SFU Physics Professor Bernd Stelzer will also receive CFI funding for upgrades to the ATLAS experiment at CERN through a grant administered by the University of Toronto. He is leading the western Canadian portion of the largest project funded by this grant, with activities at SFU and TRIUMF. In total SFU Physics projects represent three of the five SFU-led projects announced by the CFI yesterday, and will contribute to the majority of the $21.7 million the CFI plans to invest in SFU.

The mandate of the CFI is offer infrastructure funding to increase the capability of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research organizations to conduct high quality research, particularly in areas that offer Canada the opportunity to innovate and compete on the global stage.

CFI Funded Projects Led by SFU Physics Researchers

Principal Investigator Project
Jeff Sonier High-Momentum and High-Luminosity Muon Beam Lines for Molecular and Materials Science and Fundamental Muon Physics
Michael Thewalt The Silicon Quantum Leap: Tools for Building a Universal Quantum Computer
Michel Vetterli ATLAS Tier-1 Data Centre
Bernd Stelzer *Upgrades to the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

* University of Toronto is the administrative lead institute on this project