Physics Undergraduate Seminar

Fall 2016 we are formally introducing a new course, PHYS 201 Physics Undergraduate Seminar.  We ran a successful pilot version of this course in Fall 2015/Spring 2016.  This course will be required by all of our physics programs starting Fall 2016 (remember your program requirements are determined by when you declare). There are two main goals for this course.  The first is to enrich your student experience beyond your academic training by exposing you to opportunities available to students with a physics degree – including academic research opportunities, careers in industrial physics, and nontraditional careers – and by fostering skills necessary for success.  The second goal is to bring all physics students together to strengthen the physics community on campus.

The class will meet once a week, through both fall and spring terms.  During the class, you will have the opportunity to hear invited speakers, participate in group discussions, and attend student presentations. Topics of the seminars will include faculty and student research projects, opportunities for physicists in modern industry, summer job opportunities, as well as communication and other professional skills.

This course is open to anyone who has completed first year physics (formally the requirement is PHYS 121, 126, 141, or PHYS 102 with at least B). The course is worth one credit and grading is Pass/Fail, based on participation. 

PHYS 201 – Physics Undergraduate Seminar (1)

A seminar to expose students majoring in any Physics program to opportunities available with a physics degree. Seminar will include invited speakers, group discussions, and student presentations on topics including modern physics research, industrial physics, career opportunities, and communication and professional skills. May be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: PHYS 121 or 126 or PHYS 141,(or PHYS 102 with a minimum grade of B).