Promotions Policy


March 1, 2003

Revision Date



Revision No.

    This policy sets out the promotion process for Instructors, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors.

  2. Promotion to Assistant Professor
    1. An Instructor will be promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor upon the completion of the prerequisite academic or professional training set out in his/her appointment letter.

    2. At any time after the completion of academic or professional training, an Instructor may submit proof of completion to the Tenure and Promotion Committee.

    3. The Chair of the Tenure and Promotion Committee will then inform the Dean and the Vice President, Academic that the condition for promotion to Assistant Professor has been fulfilled. The promotion will take effect at the beginning of the month following submission of degree completion documentation to the Committee.

  1. Promotion to Associate Professor
  2. An Assistant professor must be considered for promotion to Associate Professor at the same time as s/he is considered for tenure. Please refer to the Tenure-Track Appointments Policy for the schedule for tenure consideration.

  3. Promotion to Full Professor
  4. An Associate Professor may be considered for promotion to Professor if he/she has been granted tenure or is being simultaneously considered for tenure. Unless he/she has been considered in the previous year, a faculty member shall be considered for promotion from Associate Professor to Professor in September of any year of an appointment if he/she submits by the previous May 15, a written request including a full curriculum vitae to the Chair of the Tenure and Promotion Committee asking for such consideration.

  5. Documentation

    A faculty member who is to be considered for promotion shall provide the Tenure and Promotion Committee with the following documentation:

    1. Copies of at least three examples of his/her published research that the faculty member wishes to be given to the external referees, by May 30;

    2. All material relating to his/her performance in the areas of teaching, research, and service which he/she wishes the Tenure and Promotion Committee to consider, by September 15.
  1. External Referees

    6.1 The evaluation of a faculty member’s scholarly work by external referees with appropriate expertise should inform the assessment made by the Tenure and Promotion Committee. The Committee should take account of the academic stature and the independence of each referee in weighing the assessment.

    6.2 The Tenure and Promotion Committee must provide the faculty member with a list of at least four suggested external referees by May 30.

    6.3 Having considered the suggestions of the Committee, the faculty member must submit a rank-ordered list of eight referees to the Chair of the Tenure and Promotion Committee by June 15. Those referees should normally be at arm’s length from the candidate, that is they should not have been a recent thesis supervisor, co-author or personal friend of the faculty member. The practice of soliciting letters of reference from faculty members at S.F.U., including retired faculty members, or from other members of the University community is not acceptable

    6.4 The Tenure and Promotion Committee may comment on the suitability of the faculty member’s rank-ordered list but has no power of veto. The faculty member may modify his/her list as a result of the feedback from the Committee. The faculty member must finalize the rank-ordered list by June 30.

    6.5 The Committee must request letters of reference from six referees on the faculty member’s list by rank order using a template letter and guidelines for external referees that has been approved by the Department and the Dean. A sample is found in Appendix II of A 11.01. There must be a minimum of five referees’ report received before the case can be considered. These reports are to be written; telephone references must be followed by a written report from each referee.

  2. Withdrawal

    Consideration for promotion to Professor is not mandatory and withdrawal can occur until the Dean forwards his/her recommendation to the President or the Faculty Review Committee. Consideration for promotion will continue unless the faculty member provides written notice of withdrawal within two weeks of transmittal to the faculty member of a recommendation. Once the Tenure and Promotion Committee has sought any letter of reference, the promotion consideration shall be a valid promotion consideration for the application of section 4.


Section 14.1 of the faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this Policy.