Practitioner Faculty


September 2007

Revision Date
September 1, 2013


A 12.13

Revision No.


This Policy provides a category of academic appointment to be used for practitioners in professional fields in which the University offers academic programs and in which students will benefit from a professional perspective (“Practitioner Faculty”). Similar to tenure-track appointments in many respects, the continuation of these appointments is contingent upon internal or external funding being available for the salary and benefits associated with the appointment. Providing a vital link between the University and field of professional practice, these appointments supplement but do not replace regular tenure track appointments.


“Practitioner Faculty” means Clinical Professors and Professors of Professional Practice.

  1. Policy

    1.1 Clinical Professor
    Partnerships between Simon Fraser University and other public sector or private sector health-related agencies may create opportunities for highly qualified practitioners (including researchers) from those agencies to be associated with a department or program on a long-term basis subject to the continued availability of salary support.  These practitioners and researchers may be appointed as Clinical Professors.

    1.2 Professor of Professional Practice
    Partnerships between the University and other public or private sector agencies in fields such as education, business and engineering may create opportunities for highly qualified practitioners or researchers from those agencies to be associated with a department or program on a long-term basis subject to the continued availability of salary support. These practitioners and researchers may be appointed as Professors of Professional Practice.


  2. Terms and Conditions of Appointment
    2.1 Practitioner faculty may be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor or Teaching Professor based on an assessment of professional and academic achievement and experience.

    2.2 The term of appointment will be up to five years. In the fourth year of appointment, where funding is to be available beyond the fifth year, the incumbent will be given a contract review under the procedures specified in Policy A 11.03. If the review is positive, the appointment will be renewed for a further term not to exceed five years, as determined by the guarantee of funding. There can be more than one renewal.

    2.3 If a contract is not renewed for any reason, the appointment will end. Such termination of appointment is not considered dismissal.

    2.4 Appointments made under this policy are categorized as Category B appointments as set out in Policy A10.01 (Academic Appointments) except that these need not be advertised.

    (a) The salary for these appointments will not normally be less than the appropriate salary on the tenure-track Faculty Salary Scale.
    (b) Where the individual maintains a substantial clinical practice or similar, the remuneration may be a nominal amount. This recognizes that these appointments have a value within the professional community.

    2.6 The duties to be performed by Practitioner Faculty will be set out in the letter of appointment.

    2.7 Practitioner faculty will be subject to biennial performance reviews in the same manner as tenure-track faculty and will be eligible to progress through the ranks.

    2.8 Practitioner faculty will not be eligible for enhanced early retirement.

  4. Requirements
    3.1 An appointment under this policy may be made by the Vice President, Academic only where the Dean can demonstrate that other categories of academic appointment (tenure-track, limited term, visiting or adjunct) will not allow the academic unit to meet its needs and achieve its purposes

    3.2 An appointment into the Practitioner Faculty category does not carry with it the prospect or promise of conversion to a tenure-track appointment. A person holding an appointment as Clinical Professor or Professor of Professional Practice may apply for a vacant CFL position for which he/she is qualified and be considered in the same manner as other qualified applicants.

    3.3 Where an appointment is supported by external funds, the recommendation for appointment must include a copy of the funding agreement. Funding arrangements may include the stipulation that funds must be paid to the University prior to the start of the appointment.

    3.4 Where external funding for an appointment comes to an end, any additional costs associated with winding down research projects associated with the appointment are the responsibility of the Department. Long-term commitments (e.g., the supervision of doctoral students) should be taken into account when an appointment is recommended.

    3.5 The total complement of Practitioner Faculty shall not normally exceed 5% of the University’s total CFL complement or constitute more than 20% of any individual academic unit.

    3.6 The Director of Academic Relations shall provide an annual report in December to the Faculty Association summarizing the number of Practitioner Faculty across academic units, including rank, term and source of funding, as well as new practitioner appointments made in the previous academic year and the rationale for those appointments.

    3.7 This policy does not apply to NSERC Industrial Chairs and like appointments and to Faculty Associates, Program Coordinators, In-service Associates and Coordinators in the Faculty of Education.

    3.8 All Practitioner Faculty appointees shall either become members of the Simon Fraser University Faculty Association or may opt to pay the equivalent dues to an agreed upon third-party recipient as set out in section 4.2 of the SFUFA Framework Agreement.


Section 14.1 of the Faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this Policy.