Resignations: Faculty Members


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 30.06

Revision No.


  1. A faculty member who is resigning must give the University at least one semester's notice of the effective date of his/her resignation, and where possible longer notice period is preferred. Resignations will normally take effect at the end of a semester.

  2. A faculty member who is planning to resign should be careful to set the effective date of resignation as that date on which his/her teaching and research semesters are in balance in the ratio of 2:1. The Chair may change the assignment of remaining teaching or research semesters to achieve that ratio.

  3. Should a faculty member accept other employment which will commence prior to the effective resignation date at Simon Fraser University, he/she is required to report this action immediately to his/her Dean. In the event other employment commences prior to the effective resignation date, the faculty member's employment by Simon Fraser University will terminate on the date such other employment commences.

  4. If a faculty member is owed vacation time as of the effective date of resignation which he/she is unable to take as a result of commencing new employment, payment shall be made in lieu of vacation time.

  5. Should a faculty member resign after he/she has taken research semesters in excess of the ratio of two teaching semesters to one research semester, he/she must be prepared to have the sum already paid adjusted to compensate the University for his/her vacation time.

  6. The disposition of equipment which is University property and which has been used by a resigning faculty member shall be handled in accordance with A 30.08.


  1. A faculty member wishing to resign must submit his/her resignation in writing to the Chair of the Department with a copy to the Dean. To be recognized as a letter of resignation, the letter must clearly stipulate the effective date of resignation.

  2. The Chair shall consider the resignation and shall forward to the Dean the faculty member's letter of resignation, a summary of the number of teaching and research semesters the faculty member has taken over the period of employment at the University, together with his/her comments on whether or not the conditions of the policy have been met. If there is an imbalance in the teaching and research semester ratio and if a reassignment to correct such imbalance is suggested, mention of this must be made.

  3. Provided that due notice has been given and the teaching and research semester ratio is in order, the Dean shall accept the resignation of the faculty member, and forward his/her letter of acceptance, the letter of resignation and the recommendations of the Chair to the Vice-President, Academic, with copies to Payroll and the Benefits office.

  4. In the event that there is either an imbalance in the teaching and research semester ratio, or that due notice has not been given, the Dean may determine the conditions under which the resignation will be accepted.

  5. The Vice-President, Academic, shall forward notice of the resignation to the President for information of the Board of Governors.

  6. If a dispute arises between the faculty member and his/her Chair and/or Dean on the terms of the resignation, the Vice-President Academic shall, on consideration of the available facts, decide the issue.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.

October 1, 1992