Release of Equipment When Faculty Leave SFU


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 30.08

Revision No.


  1. Equipment purchased from research grants or with University funds (including internal research funds) belongs to the University. This equipment will remain with the University and will not be transferred when a faculty member leaves Simon Fraser University.

  2. Equipment purchased with funds from a Canadian granting Council or research contract, may be transferred to another Canadian university when a faculty member moves to that institution provided the equipment is not necessary for the research activities of other researchers at Simon Fraser University. Otherwise the equipment will remain at Simon Fraser University.

  3. Equipment which has been transferred to the university from another university may be transferred again provided that the equipment is not necessary for the activities of other researchers at Simon Fraser University.


  1. The faculty member who is leaving SFU shall prepare a list of equipment purchased from external research grants which he/she would like to transfer. The list shall be submitted to the Chair of the Department together with a declaration about the necessity of the equipment for his/her on-going research.

  2. The Department Chair shall consult with members of the department and shall provide the Dean with specific recommendations on the items of equipment requested by the faculty member.

  3. The Dean shall consult with other Department Chairs whose faculty members might be using the equipment, before considering approval of the transfer. The Dean will then make a recommendation to the Vice-President, Academic concerning the disposition of the equipment.

  4. The Vice-President, Academic shall review the recommendations of the Dean and Chair and shall make the decision on the retention or transfer of the equipment. When the transfer of equipment has been approved, the equipment shall be transferred at the expense of the other institution.

  5. In exceptional circumstances, the Vice-President, Academic may make variations to specific details in the policy but they should be in accord with the general intent of the policy.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.

October 1, 1992