Leave of Absence


October 1, 1992

Revision Date


A 31.01

Revision No.


  1. The objective of the policy on leave of absence is to provide faculty members with additional opportunities to enhance their academic development, or for personal reasons, provided that such leave does not interfere with the teaching program of the University. Leave granted under this policy will be without salary.


  1. Length of leave: The normal period of leave of absence will be a period of up to one year. Extensions may be considered provided application for such extension is made at least four months before expiration of the original leave. Leaves of absence totalling more than two years require the approval of the Vice-President, Academic.

  2. Relation to tenure and promotion: Time spent on leave of absence will not alter the normal timetable for renewal and tenure considerations. A faculty member may be considered for promotion while on leave of absence.

  3. Relation to salary: When a faculty member is on leave of absence his/her salary will be eligible for the usual salary adjustments. A leave of absence will not affect the timing of the consideration.

  4. Benefits excluding pension contributions: All faculty members granted leave of absence should contact Human Resources to confirm arrangements and prepayments for benefits well in advance of the start of the leave. If prepayment arrangements are not made, all benefits will be terminated at the start of the leave and there may be special conditions attached to rejoining plans.

    1. Remunerative leave

      In the case where the faculty member becomes a temporary employee of another organization or institution he/she may elect either to pay both his/her and the University's share of benefit contributions or to let the contributions lapse entirely for the period.

    2. Non-remunerative leave

      The University will continue to pay its share of benefit contributions if the faculty member is pursuing an activity related to his/her University work during the leave period for which he/she will not receive a salary.

    3. Personal leave

      If the leave is for personal reasons, pension contributions will not be maintained but other benefits may be maintained if the employee pays both his/her and the University's share of benefit contributions.

Procedures for Application

  1. Applications for leave of absence should, where possible, be made at least two semesters in advance of the start of the proposed leave.

  2. The faculty member should complete sections 1 through 9 of the Application for Leave of Absence form and forward it to the Department Chair.

  3. If the Department Chair supports the request for leave of absence he/she will notify the applicant and will complete Section 10 of the form and forward it to the Dean.

  4. If the Department Chair does not support the request for leave without salary, he/she should state the reasons in writing to the faculty member who then may appeal to the Dean whose decision on the matter will be final.

  5. The Dean, upon receiving a recommendation for a leave of absence, may return it to the Department Chair on the basis of inadequate documentation or for reconsideration of duration, timing, or arrangements necessary to meet teaching commitments. Once the Dean is satisfied as to these arrangements he/she will complete Section 11, thereby approving the leave of absence.

  6. The Dean's office will send copies of the approved leave application form to the following three offices:

    Vice-President, Academic
    Human Resources

    and shall advise the faculty member and the Department Chair of the approval.

  7. The Vice-President, Academic shall forward to the President and the Board of Governors, a summary of the leaves approved, for their information.


Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.

Application for Leave of Absence Form

Click here for an Application for Leave of Absence form.

If you are unable to download this document from the internet, please contact Academic Relations to obtain the Application for Leave of Absence form.

October 1, 1992