Annual Capital Allowance Projects


July 20, 1994

Revision Date

September 4, 2002


AD 13.01

Revision No.



Each fiscal year, government funding is provided for renewal of the physical facilities and planning of the campus. Within the global amount received by the University, the majority of the funds are directed to the renewal of the campus utility, service and building infrastructure. This program requires an institutional planning process and an annual reporting to government of expenditures.

A portion of the funding is reserved each year for alteration and renovation of academic and support facilities. This policy sets out guidelines with respect to the responsibility of the President and Vice-Presidents.

The project definition and budgeting schedule outlined hereafter is intended to support orderly planning. Projects which cannot be predicted in the annual planning cycle can be initiated mid-cycle in consultation with the appropriate Vice-President's office.



  1. Funds provided by government as an Annual Capital Allowance (ACA) are allocated on a University-wide priority ranking for alteration or renovation of existing facilities. Allocation of this funding is administered by the President and the Vice-Presidents.

  2. All projects for alteration or renovation of campus facilities will be administered by the Campus Planning & Development division of Facilities Management.

  3. All project administration costs for the execution of these projects are managed by the Vice-President Finance and Administration and Facilities Management within the overall funding envelope.

  4. A scope of work, as described in the initial project request, is the mandate to be executed by the project. Normally this will approximate the established budget; however, contingency funds or unspent balances will be centrally held. Planning is based upon a "Preliminary Estimate (±30%)". Approval to proceed is based upon a "Final Estimate (±10%)".


  1. Prior to the fiscal period in which funding is available (typically by November 1 of the preceding year), requests for projects will be sought from departments by the Dean's and/or appropriate Vice-President's office.

  2. Initial review and determination of support will be undertaken by the Vice-President's office and/or the Dean or Director's office and supported Project Requests will be sent to Facilities Management by January 1. A project number will be assigned at this point.

  3. "Preliminary Estimates (±30%)" of cost will be provided by Facilities Management to the Dean or Director's and Vice-President's office by March 1.

  4. The Vice-President's office, in consultation with the Dean or Director, will determine allocation of funds based on priority rankings and estimated costs.

  5. Upon approval of funding allocation, Facilities Management will consult with the originator of the project request to schedule the work of the project, prepare detailed construction documentation and a "Final Estimate (±10%)". In consultation with the originator, and dependent on priorities and resource availability, projects will be scheduled throughout the fiscal year.

  6. Upon completion of the defined project scope, the "Final Cost" will be reported to the Vice-President's office. Any balance remaining or any shortfall against the budget will be managed by the Vice-President's office, within the total allocation of funding.