This summer, I worked as a Regulatory Analyst with Transport Canada, Civil Aviation. I was part of the Regulatory Affairs team, whose responsibility is to lead the development of new regulations or amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and provide support with policy analysis and stakeholder consultations. The process for the development of regulation in Canada includes the drafting and approval of numerous regulatory documents across various stages, culminating in the publication of the regulation in the Canada Gazette, Part II

As a Regulatory Analyst, I had the opportunity to support files at various stages of the regulatory process, including: drafting briefing notes for the Minister, conducting analysis and producing reports on stakeholder consultations, developing drafting instructions on regulatory language, formulating policy recommendations on regulatory development strategies, and providing briefings to various teams and Executives.

The skills I have gained from this experience make me confident in my ability to pursue career opportunities in the public sphere and federal government, particularly in the field of regulations and policy development.

- Yashar Tasouji (Yash)