Nancy Olewiler



Nancy Olewiler is an economist and Professor in the School of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University. Her PhD is in economics from the University of British Columbia. Prior to coming to SFU’s Economics Department in 1990, Nancy was in the Economics Department at Queen’s University.

Nancy’s areas of research focus on public policy, including climate policy, natural resources, energy, and regulation and risk. She has published in academic journals, edited books, provided reports for governments, has written two widely used textbooks, and teaches graduate courses in policy analysis, economics, and regulation.

Nancy has served on a number of boards of directors including BC Hydro, Powertech, Pembina Institute, and TransLink. She is currently a member of the Mitigation Panel for the Canadian Institute of Climate Choices, and serves on the board of directors for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, Technical Safety BC, and Genome BC. Nancy also chairs the Macroeconomic Accounts Advisory Committee for Statistics Canada. 

Research Interests

  • Climate Policy, Environmental Economics, Natural Resources, Energy, Regulation and Risk

Selected Publications


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