Anitra Paris


Anitra Paris is currently the Operations & Policy Manager at Clean Energy BC. Clean Energy BC is an industry association that has been representing the clean energy sector in BC for over 25 years. Anitra loves her work supporting Clean Energy BC members as they build a strong clean energy sector—bringing local jobs to communities across the province. Clean energy projects have also been recognized as an effective pathway for reconciliation and sustainable economic development for many First Nation communities. She holds a BSc. in Natural Resource Conservation with a major in Global Perspectives from the University of British Columbia. At Clean Energy BC, she analyzes federal and provincial climate and energy policy to support the growth of BC’s clean energy sector

Anitra is passionate about creating a low-carbon future through climate action. Living across BC from Mackenzie to the Sunshine Coast, she understands the importance of sustainable resource development. She has studied and lived abroad in Iceland, France and Panama giving her exposure to the cultural challenges and advantages in adopting climate solutions globally. On the weekends you can find her enjoying British Columbia’s natural beauty, somewhere without cell-service—skiing, mountain biking or surfing.